About Us

Duchakie literally means “Do Chakkie“, or Two Wheels.

And with those wheels, our world also goes round and round!

Duchakie was started in 2018 and has been growing steadily offline since then.
2022 saw Duchakie go ONLINE.

We are a team of professionals, who love cycling and have oodles of retail experience. We have come together to put our best ‘cleated foot’ forward, by serving the needs and wants of the Indian cyclist.

Our aim and vision is to be the best Online Cycle Store in India, where all our customers love our service.

Duchakie, is based on the philosophy of building relationships and not just selling products.
To this end we have in-house bicycle experts who can help you with your purchases, choosing the correct product for your requirement and generally educating the Indian bicycle customer…

Thanks for joining us on this LONG ride!